Providence, RI: Driver hit with nearly $700 in red light camera tickets – but plate isn’t his

Over the past several months, Anthony Sionni has received a stack of red light camera tickets in the mail.

“They total almost $700 now,” Sionni told Call 12 for Action.

According to the violation notices from Providence, Sionni has blown through multiple red lights in the city. Each notice includes photos of the alleged infraction.

Here’s the catch: The vehicles captured by the red light cameras don’t belong to Sionni.

The license plate used to be his, but it hasn’t been registered to him in two years, according to a certified registration inquiry from the R.I. Division of Motor Vehicles.

“I’m just so frustrated,” Sionni said. “I don’t own the vehicle. I don’t own the plate.”

“What am I supposed to do? Go to court eight, nine, 10 times?” he added. “Even if I get these tickets dismissed, it’s not going to prevent it from continuing.”