Enforcement hurdles await for red light cameras now active in Colorado Springs

“The requirement to obey the law is there, whether it’s enforced or not. So, all this is is just enhance enforcement, it really does make it safer,” Graves said.

Colorado law considers red light cameras and speed cameras to be Automated Vehicle Identification Systems (AVIS.) The statute governing the use of these cameras limits the maximum fine to $75. The tickets will not be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles, and drivers who pay the fines or are otherwise convicted will not lose points on their license. Additionally, law enforcement agencies who use AVIS cannot suspend or revoke the licenses of drivers who fail to pay the fines.

“An officer will review every violation to make sure that it occurred before any of the violations are sent out,” Graves explained.

Attorney Mike McDivitt believes a majority of people who get a citation in the mail will do the right thing and just pay the fines. However, he believes the city attorney’s office has more work to do to prove that someone who was ticketed actually ran the light.

“If a person came to me and wanted my advice as a lawyer, I’d have to give them the same advice I just gave to you; you don’t really have to pay that $75. But on the other hand, maybe you prefer to not have to deal with these folks,” McDivitt said.