Elizabeth, New Jersey: Scooters Booted off city streets After a traffic fatality involving a truck and scooter

awmakers in Elizabeth, N.J. voted on Tuesday to remove all of the Lime rentable scooters from city streets — rather than providing riders even a modicum of safety in the bike-lane-free burg — after a teenager was killed by a tow truck driver.

The move came less than a month after the motorized scooters, which could be rented using a smartphone app for $1 to unlock and 20 cents for each minute, were put on the roads as part of a six-month pilot program approved earlier in the year by the Council — the very same body that bailed on the program on Tuesday night.

The hope, council members said, was to give residents an inexpensive and fun way to get around the city. But instead, they got an entirely preventable tragedy.

“We thought it was good and asked a million questions,” Councilman Carlos Torres told Streetsblog after the emergency vote, which went 8–0 in favor of ending the program by Thanksgiving. “This was our worst possible nightmare.”