Editorial: The 12 Days of Safety Myths

You know your traffic safety officers are hitting the spiked eggnog early when they start rolling out their finger-wagging campaigns about pedestrians and bicyclists fashion choices. This misguided, yet all-too-common element, of traffic safety campaigns is probably the one that does the most to drive advocates batty.

I’m convinced that traffic safety offices, some of which are now being re-branded under some type of “Zero Fatalities” or “Toward Zero Deaths” effort, do nothing but take whatever flows downhill from organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)  and Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA). These two organizations are historically vested in the “perfecting human behavior through education and enforcement” is the answer to highway deaths (more on that later on in the 12 Days of Safety Myths series). Their messaging also contains a heavy “windshield bias”–a condition brought on by those who travel primarily by automobile but are tasked with developing safety initiatives for those outside a car.