Editorial: New York has to take back its turf from the two-wheeled terrors (War on Cars Watch)

New York City’s entitled bicyclists regularly endanger pedestrians. So why does the city keep giving them more turf?

A new Hunter College study looked at Manhattan cyclists and found that 24% blow through red lights, 30% use electronic devices while biking and 6.4% wheel the wrong way down the street.

That’s not just contempt for the law, it’s contempt for the people who have to scramble out of the way of these Lycra-clad menaces.

And while a bike may not be as deadly as a car, the cyclist is more likely to come up on you out of nowhere.

Plus, watching your phone while cycling is just nuts. “It’s difficult enough to navigate a city street on a bike in and of itself, but wearing an electronic device . . . could endanger other street users,” notes Hunter sociologist Peter Tuckel, who authored the study.