Editorial: Lower speed limit not answer in Worcester, Massachusetts

Unless you don’t drive — or you drive with your head buried in text messages — you’ve noticed a growing problem in Worcester. No matter where you’re heading in the city during the day, you can bet on encountering a traffic jam at some point almost like clockwork. Yet, to hear some city councilors tell it, would-be Dale Jarretts are sinking the pedal to the metal and treating local roads like their own personal race tracks.

That’s not to say there isn’t speeding in places around Worcester. There is. But that is not the number one problem on Worcester’s roads. Trucks on streets they shouldn’t be on because GPS told them to “turn here.” Drivers who apparently don’t get that your supposed to stop for a school bus when the red lights are flashing. Or the ones who think the police cruiser or ambulance behind them is flashing its lights just for fun. Construction projects that shut down multiple roads for no apparent reason. Traffic signals that operate with no rhyme or reason. Faded crosswalks you can barely see in the daylight.