Editorial: Infrastructure investment pays for itself

A recent Business Roundtable study found that $737 billion in public investment over 10 years would set us on the path toward reviving our national infrastructure. While those numbers seem daunting, the report also showed that every additional dollar invested in infrastructure delivers roughly $3.70 in additional economic growth over a period of 20 years.

Our organizations represent many of the companies and industries that maintain, improve, and expand our infrastructure to meet the needs of today and the future. Equipment manufacturers, asphalt paving companies and quarries supply materials to fix and modernize our infrastructure, yes. But, we are all users of this transportation system as well. We’re ready to go to work for America, but we cannot do it alone. We need policy solutions to fund and fix our infrastructure, so we can add to the millions of jobs we support and help generate millions of dollars’ more activity for our economy.