Editorial: Infrastructure essential to Iowans’ quality of life

Regardless of your political ideology, we can all agree that America’s infrastructure network is essential to our quality of life and to the nation’s economy. Our expansive national network of highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, waterways, and airports is capable of providing all Americans — from those living in the largest cities to those in the smallest towns — with extraordinary freedom of mobility and unprecedented opportunity. Infrastructure provides the backbone of the U.S. economy that facilitates economic growth, ensures global competitiveness, and creates family-supporting American jobs. As we look at ways to grow our economy and improve the environment for business development and job creation, we know that infrastructure is one of the best investments we can make. Directly tied to that is the need for investment in the hardworking men and women who make our infrastructure possible. We must ensure America’s infrastructure is built with high-quality American materials and that our workers are paid a fair wage. But unfortunately, thanks to a process known as “fund swapping,” that is not always the case.