Dubai Motor Show Goes Electric And Connected

Over the years, I have attended many motor shows across the world and have been coming to the conclusion that such events are obsolete in this digital age. Thankfully, the 2019 Dubai International Motor Show, which runs from November 12-November 16 at the Dubai World Trade Center, proved me wrong. As a first time attendee of the event, I was thrilled to see that Dubai—a unique market which has the highest proportion of luxury cars sold to total car volume—had something new and different on offer. Indeed, and surprisingly so, the highlight was not the indulgent gas guzzlers popularly associated with the region but premium electric vehicles (EVs).

As I walked around, I noticed two common themes linking every major OEM announcement. In essence, these were that the future of the region would be Electric and Connected, with Autonomous likely to make inroads closer to 2021-2022.