Driving license tests just got smarter in India with Microsoft’s AI project

An American giant may have figured out a way to simplify the tedious procedure of issuing driver licenses. And an early sneak peek of this solution is now live in parts of India.

Hundreds of people who have taken the driver license test in Dehradun, the capital of the Indian state Uttarakhand near the Himalayan foothills, in recent weeks haven’t had to sit next to an instructor.

Instead, their cars were affixed with a smartphone that was running HAMS, an AI project developed by a Microsoft Research team. HAMS uses a smartphone’s front and rear cameras and other sensors to monitor the driver (their gaze), and the road ahead of them. The Microsoft  Research team said for driver tests, they customized HAMS to enable precise tracking of a vehicle’s trajectory during test maneuvers such as parallel parking or negotiating a roundabout.