Driver’s License App May Soon Be Possible in Indiana (SB 182)

Would having your driver’s license on your phone make life a little bit easier? State Senator Eddie Melton thinks it would.

Sen. Melton (D-Gary) has introduced a bill that would allow you to ask the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a “mobile driver’s license” to go along with your plastic card.

Instead of digging through your wallet or purse during a traffic stop, you’d be able to pull up your license or state ID card through a smartphone app.

It’s something people in more than a dozen other states can already do, but Sen. Melton wants to make it possible for Hoosiers, too.

“Mobile drivers’ licenses are not only more convenient for Hoosiers; but as we move into a forever growing digital age, we must utilize all the tools that are available to us,” Melton said Tuesday.