Driverless cars could be on UK roads with no safety driver come 2021

SELF-DRIVING CARS will be unleashed upon UK roads without human supervisors by 2021, if government plans come to fruition.

Driverless car testing is already being carried out in parts of Blighty, but the tests are pretty limited and human supervisors are present all the time.

But the Department of Transport (DfT) reckons that testing on a large scale could happen sooner than expected and says there will be no need for a flesh-and-bone human to sit behind the wheel. That’s because the DfT bigwigs think the UK has the tech nailed when it comes to autonomous vehicles.

“Thanks to the UK’s world-class research base, this country is in the vanguard of the development of new transport technologies, including automation,” said Jesse Norman, future of mobility minister.

“The government is supporting the safe, transparent trialling of this pioneering technology, which could transform the way we travel.”