Mississippi: Department of Public Safety has solutions to long wait for driver’s licenses

We asked the Department of Public Safety why the waits are so long.

DPS Communications Director Therese Apel said there are five examiners at the Jackson office and five at the Pearl location. There are 49 vacancies. The starting pay is $21,000 a year.

According to Apel, they are in the process of allowing drivers to set up appointments online to come to the office at their convenience. In the meantime, they are working on other time-saving efforts.

“It’s a queuing process, basically. If you’re getting your driver license renewed or if you’re getting a duplicate ID, you get a different number, a different letter than other people,” said Apel. “So that we move those through, which then shortens the line for everybody else. But, also, you don’t come here and stay forever for a driver’s license renewal.”