Digital License Plates Vie For Place In The Connected Car Ecosystem

The move toward a connected car ecosystem includes the potential use of digital license plates on vehicles — an effort that has now spread to Michigan. There, authorities have approved the use of the plates for vehicles registered in the state, which have also been tested in California.

Those developments come amid an increasingly rapid push to put more connected vehicles on roads — which, in turn, includes payments and commerce activities — as well as increasing attention to the rise of smart cities, in which those vehicles will play a major role. Digital license plates could, in time, support those connections.

For now, those plates are an expensive feature that seems more suited to personalization than anything related to payments and commerce. The plates, called Rplate, come from Reviver Auto, which also makes the Rplate connected car platform. The plates reportedly will cost Michigan drivers either $499 or $799, depending on the model; that cost does not include installation.

According to a report, “Rplate can automate vehicle registration renewals. You won’t have to affix a new peel-and-stick decal on your plate each year, because digital decals on the plate will show the world whether you’re current.”