Digital Dashboard Cameras Gaining Truckers’ Acceptance

As digital technology in trucking grows, so, too, do the ways it can be combined.

Tech companies are racing to sell dashboard-mounted cameras as part of electronic logging devices, yet another tool in an arsenal that Silicon Valley firms say will improve safety and shipment tracking while decreasing liability for trucking companies.

Video technology seems an odd fit given the solitude and independence of the trucker, putting a potential Big Brother on the dash. It was a concern raised by drivers to some firms, but once the technology exonerates drivers in accidents and fender benders, the concerns melt away and the drivers embrace it, according to one trucking firm official.

“The equipment is there to help them and protect the company,” John Haverstick, safety manager for Miller Expedited Freight Inc. of Indianapolis, told Transport Topics. “My drivers really don’t have an issue with [the dashboard cameras] if they are on duty.”