Denver’s small force of red light cameras and electronic speed traps will grow, but Colorado DOT blocked police from putting them at crucial dangerous intersections

Denver City Council members advanced a contract Wednesday that would add about $1.2 million to the city’s electronic traffic enforcement program for red light cameras at two new intersections and one new van to monitor speeds and ticket offenders.

Some of the city’s most dangerous intersections won’t benefit from the safety measure, though. The Colorado Department of Transportation won’t let the Denver Police Department install cameras where cops think they can do the most good.

The state roads department, which oversees some of the city’s deadliest streets because they double as state highways, denied red light cameras at Alameda and Federal, Colorado and Colfax, and Colfax and Monaco, according to Officer Ted Boras. The move is out of line with the city’s Vision Zero imitative to end traffic deaths.