Denver plans new red-light cameras, but not on Federal Boulevard — where it actually wants them

This is the first expansion of Denver’s “red light” camera system since it was created in 2008. The system watches for people who run red lights, stop in the crosswalk and make illegal left turns, allowing the city to mail out citations for $40 to $80.

The city can install the cameras on local streets, but it needs CDOT’s permission on state roads like Colfax and Federal — and CDOT doesn’t seem to agree with the city about where the cameras are most effective.

“It’s a huge concern of ours, and it’s something we’ve talked to the mayor about,” said Skye Stuart, the city’s legislative director for Mayor Michael Hancock’s office. “We have struggled over the years with the state (on this issue), frankly.”

In the past, CDOT wasn’t willing to allow the equipment on state highways, according to Stuart. The department now seems reluctant but more receptive, she said.