Denton, TX Report: Longer yellow light, fewer drivers running red

Since the city increased the length of the yellow light at Oak Street and Carroll Boulevard last year, there have been fewer vehicle crashes and fewer violations recorded by the red-light cameras.

A recent report to Denton City Council showed a 60 percent drop in red-light camera violations between April and December. In addition, accident data released to the Denton Record-Chronicle recorded just four collisions after the light change, a significant drop in the rate of crashes compared to the 26 months before.

Last year, council member Keely Briggs asked whether the city could test adding one second to all the yellow lights at one intersection. Nationwide, some advocates have argued that such timing changes could do more to improve compliance than the cameras. Briggs said she wanted to know whether Denton motorists would better obey the lights or would adjust to the longer yellow and continue to race the stoplight.