Dear truck-hating senators in GA (SB 23) and Virginia (SB 1716), we see you, and we’re taking notes

Does anyone else feel a little beat-up this week? I mean, it’s hard not to after taking the slap from Georgia Senate Bill 23 and punch from Virginia’s SB1716.

At least Georgia Democrat Sens. Donzella JamesHarold Jones and Michael Rhett had the sense to withdraw their hare-brained idea to “prohibit the movement of trailers or semitrailers on any highway unless such trailers or semitrailers are engaged in the pickup or delivery of persons or property or traveling to or from such pickup or delivery; to provide for related matters.”

Their near-immediate withdrawal probably had something to do with the outpouring of less-than-favorable response from the trucking industry. And when I say “less than favorable,” I mean “It got uglier than a bullfrog’s backside.”

Their proposal still begs the question of, “What the hell, y’all?”

I just have to know how a group of senators get into a conversation where someone says, “Hey – I’ve got an idea. Let’s impede commercial drivers in the stupidest way we can while overburdening our already taxed law-enforcement and possibly getting our pants sued off!”