DE/MD: Police step up enforcement for trucks bypassing Route 301 toll

The Delaware State Police Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Unit recently partnered with the Maryland State Police Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit and investigated commercial vehicles bypassing the new U.S. Route 301 toll road in Middletown.

Trucks over four axles are required to use the new toll road instead of old Route 301, except in the case of local deliveries.

Enforcement was conducted Feb. 28 and March 1 due to safety concerns and citizens’ concerns, according to a Delaware State Police press release.

The units staggered their hours so that enforcement was done from 5 a.m. through midnight.

During the two-day operation, 85 commercial motor vehicles were stopped and found to be bypassing the tolls. As a result, 85 commercial motor vehicle inspections were conducted, with 77 traffic citations and 50 written warnings for various offenses, police said.