DC/Maryland/Virginia: Business leaders want more mobility

A group of business leaders is calling for more transportation options in the congested region that stretches from Baltimore to Richmond — not just more roads but more and better trains, bus lanes, toll lanes and even bike and hiking trails.

The plea comes from something called the Greater Washington Partnership, which today unveiled its Blueprint For Regional Mobility, which includes 20 actions that the group says would “fundamentally transform the way we move around the region, reversing our current disjointed system’s trajectory of worsening congestion and limiting access to essential destinations for many families in our region.”

“Our transportation system, which has helped drive the region’s economic success, is not keeping pace with the needs of the region’s 10.2 million residents,” said Joe McAndrew, the Partnership’s Director of Transportation Policy. “The Blueprint is exactly the bold call to action we need right now and one that will bridge years of uncoordinated regional investments and policies. It is time for stakeholders across the region, from Baltimore to Richmond, to come together to build the Capital Region the world-class transportation system it deserves.”