DC Area: Dulles Greenway Toll Opponents See New Hope This Year

People who have been in the fight against the Dulles Greenway’s constantly increasing tolls—and have been constantly frustrated in that fight—see hope things will be different this year after a change in state law.

“I think it creates a level playing field, and it’s an opportunity for a blank slate at the [State Corporation Commission],” said Supervisor Matthew F. Letourneau (R-Dulles).

This year, legislation that guaranteed toll increases on the Greenway every year but limited them expired. That bill, introduced by then-Sen. Mark Herring (D) and then-Del. Joe May (R), was intended as a way to curtail the even higher toll hikes that commuters had been seeing before. It all but guaranteed annual rate hikes of at least 2.8 percent each year. In practice those increases have often been higher.