Data shows grim picture of driving behavior near schools

Using sensors embedded in smartphones, a leading traffic analytics company has compiled a detailed portrait of driver behavior on roads surrounding more than 125,000 schools across the country.

Zendrive’s “School Safety Study” measures the behavior of more than 9 million drivers, tracking their phone use while driving, speeding, rapid acceleration and hard-braking events logged within a quarter-mile of schools. The majority of schools measured earned a C grade or worse, according to the company. Over the last year, 30 percent of schools saw driver behavior deteriorate to more dangerous levels.

The company has been doing the study for three years, but recently, it wanted to do more than measure data. It wanted to help eliminate dangerous conditions.

Last week, Zendrive announced a grant program called Fund My Streets. In conjunction with some high-profile partners, the company will award $50,000 to an organization that uses data from the safety study to design a plan to improve traffic safety.