Data reveals devastating cost of tolls is crushing Sydney, Australia drivers

The average Sydney household spends $82.20 on tolls each week, well above the $51.10 spent by Brisbane households and the $49.20 spent by Melbourne households, according to the Australian Automobile Association’s , which assumes that one member of a Sydney household uses tollroads only two days a week.

While the NSW government has tried to address concerns over constant increases in toll fares by giving free vehicle registration to households that spend more than $1300 in tolls annually, Hensher (who advised the government on its WestConnex sale) says it needs to reassert control over what toll fares are charged so it can adjust prices to manage demand.

“The government has lost control of the road network and it’s run by Transurban,” he says. Transurban , and is building two more – WestConnex and NorthConnex. The only tollroads in Sydney it does not operate are the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.