Cybertruck legal to drive on Mars; in Germany, maybe not so much

Elon Musk’s aspirations for the Tesla Cybertruck point to Mars. Based on comments from a German technical inspector, it appears the stainless wedge will be more welcome on another planet than in Germany and Europe. Stefan Teller is an expert with the SGS-TÜV Saarland in Germany, a Swiss-German conglomerate that performs technical inspection and certification for various industries throughout the world. In the automotive realm in Germany, for instance, vehicle owners must visit the TUV or similar body every two years for a roadworthiness inspection. As reported by Automobilwoche via Der Spiegel and Muscle Cars & Trucks, Teller said that based on what he knows of the Cybertruck, it wouldn’t receive type approval for a mass-produced vehicle, and couldn’t be sold in Germany.