Editorial: NY Governor Cuomo vetoes ‘problematic’ Toll Payer Protection Act, but cashless system is still shaky

The governor, in his veto message, said the “problematic” legislation would end up “hamstringing the State’s enforcement ability.” The governor stated that he plans to introduce “additional enhancements” in his executive budget plan for Fiscal Year 2020. But he gave no details in his Dec. 28 rejection of Senate Bill 8946/Assembly Bill 9805A.

But if the Toll Payer Protection Act isn’t the the answer, why is the state only planning now for changes to create a more workable system? The current system’s been up and running since April 2016 on the Tappan Zee Bridge and since then on the Gov. Mario Cuomo crossing, and problems persist. Where is the urgency to make sure tolls get paid while drivers are treated fairly?