Council Speaker Corey Johnson wants to break the NYC Car Culture–He released his 104 Page Transportation Manifesto (War on Cars Watch)

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson’s plan to break the car culture — a mix of car-free streets, 50 miles of protected bike lanes per year, more slow “shared” roadways and more dedicated bus lanes that the Chelsea lawmaker unveiled Tuesday — just needs Mayor de Blasio to lead, follow or get out of the way.

Unlike the speaker’s call for the city to take over control of the subway and bus system, the comprehensive plan for redesigning city streets can largely be implemented now. If the de Blasio administration wants it, Johnson suggested.

“For the first time, the city will be required to look at our streets in a comprehensive, holistic way, not one neighborhood or street at a time the way we do it now,” said Johnson. “We need to think seriously about how we share space on our streets. Cars cannot continue to rule the road. It is not safe and it is not sustainable.”