Connecticut Cities of Plainfield, Killingly, plus 23 other towns oppose truck tolls

Patrick Sasser, founder of No Tolls CT, said as of this week, 25 towns and cities in Connecticut oppose proposed truck toll gantries as a part of the CT 2030 plan to upgrade infrastructure.

“Connecticut residents don’t see tolls as the solution to solving Connecticut’s fiscal problems,” he said.

The most recent additions are Plainfield and Killingly. At a Board of Selectman meeting on Monday, Plainfield passed a resolution saying it’s against the tolls. Mary Colorio, the town manager of Killingly, said its Town Council passed a resolution on Tuesday night, also declaring its opposition to the tolls.

Kevin Cunningham, the first selectman of Plainfield, has concerns with the tolls, considering that one of the propped toll gantry sites is in Plainfield, on Interstate 395 on the Moosup River.

Cunningham believes people will drive around the gantries, going on to secondary roads and causing more wear and tear.