Colorado Springs Editorial: Our city’s hazardous streets–Drivers need to take personal responsibility

An increase in traffic volume, higher speeds and other factors — such as texting while driving — have exacerbated the problem. Driving some Colorado Springs’ streets is like navigating a dangerous gauntlet filled with drivers who are distracted, speeding, intoxicated or simply hostile and angry. It’s no secret that many drivers view yellow lights as a signal to speed through intersections. We change lanes without considering using our blinkers, and we tailgate other drivers without giving it a second thought. Most drivers here exceed the speed limit by 5-10 mph daily. Simply put, our streets are full of mayhem.

Traffic accidents and fatalities are in the news daily. A horrendous crash last week southeast of downtown Colorado Springs was the 45th of 46 traffic fatalities in what has become an unprecedented year on city roads. We’ve surpassed the record, set in 1986, and there’s almost two months left in the year. Four cyclists and 12 pedestrians have been killed on city streets.