Colorado Springs, Colorado Op-Ed: Red-light camera system is unnecessary and ineffective

Colorado Springs has previously implemented red light camera systems to reduce red-light runners, in an attempt to lower car crashes, and it failed. Following their normal level of good judgment, the city has decided to try again.

The first red light program was implemented in the fall of 2010 and was removed after a year because of a police officer shortage according to KRDO.

American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS), now known as Vera Mobility — the company overseeing our new cameras — only found a 30 percent reduction in red light violations overall in a month, and certain intersections saw an increase in violations (mainly downtown), according to a 2011 release from the city when announcing the previous shut down.

In the same report, they show that there was no reduction in front-to-side collisions where the cameras were, which is supposedly what a red light camera is supposed to prevent.

The new cameras are being installed at Northbound Academy Boulevard and Carefree Circle, Eastbound Platte Avenue and Chelton Road, Westbound Briargate Boulevard and Lexington Drive and Southbound Academy and Dublin Boulevard.

The connection between these four intersections? Not one had a fatal traffic accident as of November 2018.