Colorado Opinion: Whoppi Goldberg and bike lanes in Boulder

NYC Mayor De Blasio is not alone in his ignorance of the widespread skepticism and hostility towards massive expenditures of tax dollars on multimodal transportation infrastructure for bikes, trains and buses at the expense of road and highway maintenance and improvements. Another proponent of Vision Zero, Denver’s Mayor Hancock, appeared last week on KOA radio talk show host Mandy Connell’s show. After spending considerable time on Denver’s efforts to be the first city in America to have safe injection sites for illegal intravenous drug users (another dubious first for Colorado), Connell broached the subject of light rail and bus transportation in Denver. She told Hancock, “If you look at mass transportation across the country, none of it is self-sustaining, so it’s always going to be subsidized, and when you only serve 4.7 percent of the population the other 95 percent is getting surly. It’s like, why are we spending all this money when we should be working more on our roadways?” She continued, “They see roads in disrepair. The see potholes and they see other things, and then they see that single train going down the track all by itself with one guy in it.” Hancock responded, “Today 73 percent of the people in Denver move in single-occupied automobiles. This is not acceptable.” Connell then responded that a lot of people are “resentful that government is telling them, ‘You’ve got to change your behavior,’ instead of the government being responsive to what they want.”