City of Sacramento Adopts a Complete Streets Policy (Complete Streets Watch)

Hansen said he had asked for this policy change in 2016. “It’s taken a lot of time and effort to get our city to this place,” he said, “and to get other voices on the council to agree that this is a priority.” City staff has been working in earnest on it for several years, and various advisory groups like the Disability Advisory Commission, Walk Sacramento, and Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates have been pushing for it.

The new policy has several aspects that make it much stronger than the previous piecemeal approach to Complete Streets. It outlines a clear work plan for implementation, requiring the Public Works Department to review all of its plans, manuals, checklists, and rules, and to update its design standards, pedestrian crossing guidelines, and work zone detour policy. It calls for professional development and training of city staff so they understand best practices and why these changes are important.