Spokane, WA: City Council uses $3.2 million collected from red-light runners and school-zone speeders to build sidewalks

School-zone speeding tickets and fines collected from drivers running red lights are funding $3.2 million in new sidewalks and a series of other traffic features meant to keep pedestrians safe.

Most of the projects will be built in northeast Spokane.

More than $2 million of the the “traffic calming” funds will be used to build sidewalks, many of which will be around elementary schools or parks. The City Council unanimously approved the funds in their Monday meeting.

Some roads in northeast Spokane are high speed arterials that are dangerous for pedestrians, said Councilwoman Kate Burke, who represents that part of the city. She said even small improvements, like a few blocks of sidewalks or a speed feedback sign, will make her district more walkable for everyone.