Menlo Park, CA City Council to consider fate of red-light cameras

The Menlo Park City Council tonight (April 9) will consider possibly dropping its controversial red-light camera operator, and if it does, that would end the $480 tickets drivers get in the mail.

It would also end a small source of funds to the city — about $24,000 a year compared to the city’s $68 million budget.

The cameras have churned out 3,692 tickets annually over the past five years. The tickets generated $1.4 million for the July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018 fiscal year. But the city only gets 32% of that. The state gets the lion’s share, 46%, or $663,127 and the county receives 22% or $314,148.
The city’s 32% share amounted to $461,306.

But Redflex, the company that operates the cameras, got $312,000 of the city’s share. And staffing costs in the Police Department gobbled up another $125,285. That left the city with just $24,021 profit on $1.4 million in tickets.