Citroen says Ami One two-seater is a new concept for affordable mobility

Citroen says its Ami One concept, an electric two-seat vehicle that can be operated without a driver’s license, will allow affordable and environmentally friendly urban mobility.

The Ami’s name recalls a variant of the Citroen 2CV, probably the French brand’s best-known model.

“Just as the 2CV guaranteed freedom of movement for the countryside, the Ami One makes urban mobility accessible to everyone,” Citroen said in a news release on Tuesday.

The 2500mm-long Ami One is presented as a “digital ecosystem” that lets users arrange for rentals, car-sharing test drives or purchase online. It can be operated by users age 16 and over, with or without a driver’s license depending on local legislation, Citroen said, adding that it can be an alternative to public transit, bicycles or scooters.