China Exports Citizen Control Model of Facial Recognition To Bolivia

Bolivia launched the BOL-110 Integrated System for Citizen Security in August 2019. Six hundred facial recognition cameras were added to the more than 2,000 surveillance units already installed in the streets, in addition to patrols, and drones. Bolivian authorities will also use high-tech communications equipment to counter crime and obtain information about the population.

In its first phase, the BOL-110 system will be in service around the clock daily in the municipalities of La Paz and El Alto. The program anticipates that the system will be active in every police command nationwide by the end of 2019, to coordinate operations in real time using a codified communications system. “For the second phase, the government intends to acquire an additional 840 security cameras that will enable vehicle license plate verification,” Bolivian Vice Minister of Citizen Security Wilfredo Chávez told Radio Comunidad Bolivia.