Chicago’s Northern suburbs gearing up to release first multimodal plan (War on Cars Watch)

Earlier this year, the Northwest Municipal Conference launched the area’s first multimodal transportation plan. It builds upon and updates the earlier 2010 NWMC 2010 Bicycle Plan, as well as cycling, pedestrian and transit improvements member communities have made over the years. The idea is to take the regional view to “further collaboration across municipal boundaries and provide shared data and tools to help create a more connected, equitable, and healthy region.”

The first draft of the plan isn’t expected to be released until January, but NWMC has already released the study of the existing conditions. It found significant gaps in sidewalks and bike trail infrastructure. As in Chicago, bicycle safety is a major concern. And while many Metra stations in the region are located in the heart of the municipalities they serve, commuters tend to drive to stations — though there are notable exceptions in the North Shore.