Chicago’s new ride-hailing tax begins now, and it’s the country’s highest fee

The mayor’s new transportation tax is now in effect, which means Uber and Lyft riders will now pay more for trips downtown.

In 2019, Mayor Lightfoot eliminated the flat fee of 72 cents. Replacing that fee is a tiered structure which was approved in November and is the highest tax in the nation.

The 2020 fees are meant to incentivize public transit options and shared trips. The highest fees, $3, will be for trips that start or end in a designated downtown zone. All trips in a private car, like an UberX, will have a $1.25 surcharge. The new legislation lowers the fee on shared trips, like Uber Pool or Lyft Line, to 65 cents. Although, shared trips to the downtown zone will be increased to $1.25.