Chicago Viewpoint: Is it time to license bicyclists?

As I look at all the bike lanes that have been created in Chicago, I wonder what logic or illogic was used to put so many on major thoroughfares where cars and trucks must travel? And when snow comes, are those bicycles going to be traveling in those protected lanes? Because there’s no way to shovel them!

It is time for all individuals over the age of 18 to have to wear a visible, reflective city of Chicago license when biking here. Bicyclists will need to take a test (which can be done online), to prove they know the rules of the road in regard to their biking behavior. If we have suburbanites who are biking into the city, they’ll have to buy a city of Chicago bike license as well (can you say revenue?). Motorists who buy a city sticker will get one free license.

And since there are more motorists than bicyclists, we motorists need to protest against so many bike lanes being put on busy main streets. Let the bicyclist travel up the side streets.