Chicago Police Are Reducing Stops And Arrests During COVID-19. Activists Want Even Fewer.

Chicago Interim Police Superintendent Charlie Beck said he’s instructed officers to slow down the number of stops and arrests they make to reduce contact between citizens and police and slow the spread of COVID-19.

At a press conference Tuesday, Beck said there had been “significant reduction” in traffic stops and pedestrian stops during the coronavirus crisis.

“Normally as a chief, that would upset me. But in this case, it tells me [officers] are doing exactly what we’re asking them,” Beck said.

The superintendent’s comments come as a coalition of civil rights organizations and community groups are pushing for the Chicago Police Department to stop making arrests and other stops except when there is a “clear and present danger of imminent physical harm.”

The group sent a letter to city attorneys on Monday asking for a meeting to discuss policing policy during the COVID-19 outbreak.