Chicago DOT’s Vision Zero Program wants to Quiz Motorists on Their Driving Habits (Vision Zero Watch)

Knowledge is power, and the Chicago Department of Transportation hopes that learning more about driver behavior and attitude will help the city reach its Vision Zero goal of eliminating serious and fatal crashes. CDOT is working with grad students from the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy to collect data via an online survey. The info, which will be kept confidential, will help the department design programs to prevent collisions.

The questionnaire asks motorists where, when, and how they commute, and how often they need to drive to time-sensitive destinations. It inquires about when they got their license, and how long they’ve been driving in the city.

From there the questions start getting personal: “How often do you feel the people in front of you are driving too slowly?” and “How often do you feel the people driving behind you are pushing you to drive faster than you prefer?”