CES 2019: Rinspeed takes its Snap ecosystem one step further with the microSnap

The basic idea for the Snap and the microSnap is the same. According to Rinspeed founder Frank M Rinderknecht, while the bodies last as long as a car does today, the chassis contain all the components that are subject to wear and aging, such as the computer technology for autonomous driving. The bodies are recycled after a few years, having reached the end of their service life, avoiding an expensive and complicated hardware update.

Both vehicles benefit from a host of connected-car technologies from Harman, including connection to the Harman Ignite Cloud platform via 5G telematics, sensor fusion, and the Harman Shield Automotive Cybersecurity Suite and over-the-air updates. The microSnap uses multistage authentication and instant personalization to welcome users. It is operated during the trip by commands given in natural speech. Passengers can use whichever virtual assistant they are accustomed to.