Central Texas cities begin to release racial profiling reports

Several Central Texas police agencies have started releasing their 2018 reports on racial profiling.

The racial profile reports break down the number of traffic stops each police department makes, along with the race of each person pulled over throughout the year.

Belton police presented their report to the city council on Tuesday.

In 2018, Belton officers made more than 7,000 stops.

The majority were made were of whites at nearly 5,000.

Hispanics made up a little over 1,200 blacks made up a little over 1,100 stops.

When compared to city data, nearly 60 percent of all residents are white, with them making up 65 percent of the stops.

Hispanics make up nearly 30 percent with around 17 percent of stops.

Meanwhile, stops involving black people accounted for 15 percent, but the group comprises a little over eight percent of the city’s population.