Cedar Rapids, Iowa police to receive bigger share of traffic camera ticket money

The City of Cedar Rapids will soon be able to collect more money from traffic camera violations.

Cedar Rapids City Council agreed Tuesday to restructure how money that comes from those violations is divided.But the amount that drivers will have to pay in violations will stay the same.

Most of the money goes to the city, specifically the police department, but part of it goes to SENSYS GATSO, the company that operates the cameras.

Starting April 1, the city will get $5 more. On a $75 ticket, the city will get $55, while SENSYS GATSO will receive $20. On a $100 ticket, the city’s share will be $78, and SENSYS GATSO’s will be $22.

However, the biggest revenue-generating traffic cameras, the speed cameras on I-380, aren’t issuing tickets at this time.

The city says it will have those cameras sending speeders citations soon, but has not given a date yet for when that will resume.