Cedar Rapids, Iowa Police Chief: Turn I-380 speed cameras back on–Fees Collected will go to Pay Salaries of 10 More Police Officers

While Des Moines turned its cameras back on in June, Cedar Rapids held off to study its program as traffic camera lawsuits from motorists proceeded.

Police are recommending amending the ordinance to reflect an Iowa Supreme Court opinion from August, which found the city was sidestepping the state’s municipal infraction procedures. Under the current ordinance, ticket recipients who don’t respond to notices are by default found liable without going through the municipal process.

The amendment would eliminate the city’s administrative appeal process. Instead, the city would file a municipal infraction for those who want to contest tickets and those who ignore tickets.

A Linn County District Court judge or magistrate would determine liability, Cedar Rapids public safety spokesman Greg Buelow said. As in the past, infractions would not affect a person’s driving record, according to officials.