Cashless tolls: Lawsuit claims New Jersey’s $50 fines for toll violations could be illegal

A class action lawsuit is challenging New Jersey’s tolling authorities’ ability to charge $50 fines for toll violations.

If successful, the lawsuit could mean big changes to the way tolling is handled in the tri-state area, and maybe even some payback for drivers hit by the system.

The lawyer on the case estimates the restitution could reach as much as $250 million and include any driver who paid tolling fines on some New Jersey roads.

The suit was filed at the end of 2017 in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, but is waiting on the decision of a New Jersey state court to determine if the $50 fine is legal or not.

Judges could decide to refund drivers all of the money some New Jersey-based tolling authorities charged them in fines from 2011 to the present, said Matthew Faranda-Diedrich, the lawyer for the plaintiffs.