Car Companies Might Be Overcompensating With EV Batteries, Too

With its 35.5-kWh battery pack, roughly 130-mile range, and 143 horsepower, the Mazda MX-30 is small beans compared to other electric cars in its class. The decision to scale down the battery is antithetical to pretty much every other automaker’s design philosophy of larger batteries with massive ranges. And while the world needs more small, cheap EVs, Mazda says its newest model is inspired by a desire to cut carbon emissions.

“Aren’t EVs supposed to cut down on carbon emissions by their very nature,” I hear you cry, and you’re not entirely wrong there. But there are plenty of complicating factors. While many findings contradict each other, there is research that indicates that the manufacturing of an EV battery can create more carbon dioxide than an environmentally friendly ICE model depending on where the battery is made. Many EV plants still rely on coal power, ultimately negating the environmental benefits you’d expect from going electric.