CalTrans threatens the Legislature’s Complete Streets Bill SB127 due to how much it will cost the state of CA per year (War on Cars Watch)

The Complete Streets for All Bill, S.B. 127, has passed all the policy committees it needs to pass, and now sits awaiting its fate in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. S.B. 127 would require Caltrans to incorporate complete street designs–safety considerations for people on foot and on bikes–into road repair projects. It also requires Caltrans to track complete streets better and assign employees specifically to do so.

Two things threaten the bill right now. First, the California Department of Finance just wrote a letter to the committee opposing the bill (read it here, as a PDF). The DOF weighs in on issues relating to money, and the Appropriations Committee’s focus is on the fiscal impact of bills. The DOF analysis says the bill will cost too much. At the same time, it says the bill isn’t necessary because the changes called for–incorporating “complete streets elements” into ongoing road repairs on state-owned highways in cities–are already happening. So–which is it? Is it too expensive, or is it already happening? Both can’t be true.