California’s Central Valley highways get $17.5M in gas tax funding

The Central Valley will be getting more than $17.5 million for highway improvements next year. 

Last month, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) allocated the money for two, wide-sweeping projects at various locations throughout Kings, Kern, Fresno, Madera and Tulare counties. Over $6.1 million will be used to upgrade traffic management systems across the counties. Christian Lukens, spokesperson for CalTrans District 6, said the project will primarily be to repair and replace aging electrical to signage and signals along the highway including new cabinets, modems, circuits, poles and batteries.

Another $11.5 million will upgrade pumping plants at nine locations along Highways 99, 119 and 204 in Kings and Kern counties to improve drainage. The plants are located at the Planz Road, Palm Avenue, Woollomes Avenue, Highway 155, 11th Avenue and Cecil Avenue overcrossings on Highway 99, Union Avenue in Kern County along Highway 204 and along Highway 198 at the Brown Street Overcrossing in Kings County.