California will meet its 2030 emission goals—in 2061

Echoing a report late last year from the state’s California Air Resources Board, a newly-released report that shows the state will not meet its 2030 emissions goals until 2061 and will not meet its 2050 goals until 2157, a 31-year and a 107-year delay.

The 2019 California Green Innovation Index, research from nonprofit and nonpartisan organization Next 10, presents a dire picture that vilifies the individual car.

“The transportation sector alone represents 41% of California’s statewide emissions—a percentage that has been increasing the last few years,” said F. Noel Perry, founder of Next 10. “Vehicle ownership has hit an all-time high and even in climate-conscious California, consumer preferences for SUVs and larger vehicles are adding to the challenges.”

Passenger vehicles account for 68% of that transportation pollution—or 28% of all statewide emissions.